Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips: What You Need to Know. On the other hand, if your water damage insurance claim is accepted and you get a fair settlement, the restoration process will be much faster, easier, and lighter on your budget. To ensure a successful and problem-free claim process, however, you need to know what to do after a disaster,Filing an Insurance Claim for Water Damage: 7 Steps to Recovery We always recommend being prepared for the unexpected, so dig out your homeowners insurance policy, and get ready to take control. When you’re suddenly facing the aftermath of a water disaster at the house, these seven steps can help you handle the claims process with confidence.You get the biggest hassles from big Home insurance claims. consumer reports explains how to get that big claim paid pronto.. State Farm on their $35,000 water-damage claim caused when their.Water can cause irreparable damage within minutes of a leak appearing. It often forces you to begin the restoration and clean-up process before you’ve even filed your water damage claim. Combine this with a lack of familiarity with the insurance claim process and your rights under California law, and the insurance company has a distinct.A very common water damage claim is damage to a ceiling.. water to enter, there may or may not be coverage for the interior damages.. The quicker the drying process begins, the less likely there will be a problem with mold and mildew.Water damage covered by insurance policies is typically for a sudden event such as a broken appliance causing a leak or burst plumbing. Most policies also cover water damage from leaking roofs and walls, including winter ice back up damage.Claim. If possible, work with your insurance agent when filing a claim for water damage. Your agent can help with proper paperwork and advise you on how the claim will be processed. While a complete and properly completed claim can reduce the processing time, water damage claims may require insurance company inspections or assessments.Generally, your claim will be assigned a claim number and a claim professional, also called an adjuster, who will work with you to adjust your claim. Take steps to mitigate further damage, such as buying tarps to cover holes in your roof. Be sure to save your receipts. Beginning the.